Personal Care

Starting your day
Our experienced Health Care Workers can assist you with getting your day started; getting up, washing, showering or bathing, getting dressed and having breakfast and reminding you to take any medication. We can also assist you with using the bathroom, cleaning your teeth and grooming.

Continence care:
We can assist you with changing incontinence wear.

Personal grooming:
Assistance with your personal grooming such as hair washing, drying and combing, putting on creams, and personal hygiene management. We can assist you with choosing your clothes and assist with laundry needs such as washing, drying and ironing your clothes.

Dublin Home Care Services

Help with your health and well-being:
For many, remembering to take medication and to make appointments with health professionals can be tiresome. Our Care Team are happy to remind you about your medication and to assist you in making appointments with your healthcare professionals.

Assistance with meals and nutrition:
Good nutrition is vital for good health. Unfortunately it can be easy to get into the habit of just snacking which lowers your intake of nutrients. Our care team are happy to do your food shopping if required and to assist you to plan nutritious meals that you would enjoy. We can assist with meal preparation and cooking and of course, the washing up!

24/7 Care

24/7 homecare support is for people that require more assistance with their care and support needs on a daily basis and want to remain living in their own home as an alternative to a residential care home.

This round-the-clock service is not only available for older people, but for people living with impairment, disability or illness.

Dublin Home Care Partners 24/7 service enables you to remain living in your own home, as independently as possible, while being fully supported by a 24/7 care and support team.

This type of care and support enables you to live in familiar surroundings with your own possessions and furniture, so that you have maximum flexibility, choice and control over your life.

As long as you are able to provide a separate bedroom for your care and support worker, it’s the perfect home care solution. Our care staff can also assist you with your housework, personal care and shopping.

Dublin Home Care Services

Respite Care

Dublin Home Care Partners can also offer respite care to support family Health Care Workers in their duties.

If your family members are the primary Health Care Workers, a break or few days rest and recreation can provide the break you need to care for yourself in order that you can resume caring for your loved one.

We can help by providing respite services to a high standard of professional care, giving you peace of mind whilst you recharge your batteries.

Dublin Home Care Services

Dementia Care 

People living with Dementia can have high levels of stress and anxiety and their safety awareness can be a cause for concern. Everyday tasks such as washing, dressing, cooking and remembering to take medication can be a challenge and some affected people can lose confidence and become socially isolated.

Our care team are trained to develop relationships and earn the trust of those living with Dementia so as to encourage them to maintain personal care as well as their independence.  Sometimes being there to prompt the person is all that is needed but our Care staff are always ready to assist where necessary. They can be an invaluable source of social interaction and can encourage those who would like to, to get out of the house for walks, shopping or to the pub, club or library.

Dublin Home Care Services

Palliative Care

End of life care is a difficult time for both the client and their families. Our trained teams are sensitive in their care support at this very special time and consider it a privilege to offer assistance. They are highly trained and many have specialised in this area. They can bring real comfort to service users and their families by providing a seamless service which ensures maximum comfort to the client. They also continue to bring their cheerful disposition which can be an emotional support and uplift to the client and their families.

Dublin Home Care Partners’ Palliative Teams are experienced in working in conjunction with other healthcare professionals to ensure a co-ordinated and integrated service.

For information on palliative care please do not hesitate to contact Dublin Home Care Partners and find out how we can support your family.

Dublin Home Care Services

Domestic Care 

Our care assistants can help you to continue enjoying your daily activities and routines. When you find that tasks such as house work and meal preparation are taking too much time or energy, we can help.

Our care assistants can assist with light housekeeping such as dusting, hoovering, ironing, laundry and bed making and can also help with making nutritious meals for you. They can also accompany you when you do your shopping, or run errands.

We are here to help when you need us:

  • Assisting with dusting, hoovering and washing
  • Helping with laundry, ironing and bed linen
  • Meal preparation
  • Grocery shopping and running errands
  • Companionship with a person matched to your personal needs
  • Cleaning kitchen and Bathroom
Dublin Home Care Services

Tax Relief

Can I Claim Tax Relief?

Income Tax Relief may be available to service users or their relatives at their top rate of tax, subject to Revenue Commissioners conditions and approval. This means that you could receive tax relief of up to 41% of the cost of our service.

It is also possible to claim this relief as part of your tax credits and so you receive the benefit as part of your weekly or monthly wages and therefore receive the benefit immediately. When more than one person is paying the costs of Home Care, the Tax Relief may be divided between the contributors pro-rata to their contributions, once the total does not exceed €50,000 if any Tax Year.

Dublin Home Care Services

Who Else Can Claim?

You, your spouse or a relative. A “relative” includes relation by marriage and also a person for whom the claimant is, or was, the legal guardian.

Do I Pay VAT On The Service?

No. The Services offered by Dublin Home Care partners are VAT exempt.

How Do I Make A Claim?

You need to complete the form HK1 “Claim for an allowance for employing a Health Care Worker/Personal Assistant”. This form is attached to the IT47 “Employed Person Taking Care of an Incapacitated Individual”, which his included in the information guide. This form should then be submitted to your local Inspector of Taxes.

The form for Employed Persons Taking Care of an Incapacitated Individual can be downloaded here.