At Dublin Home Care Partners we will do our best to ensure that you or your loved one’s needs are met with a client centred service you can depend on.

At Dublin Home Care Partners we will do our best to ensure that you or your loved one’s needs are met with a client centred service you can depend on.

At Dublin Home Care Partners we are passionate about delivering professional, reliable, person centred care. Our aim is to enable and support our service users to live as independently as possible in their own homes.

We understand that deciding to receive care support can be daunting but with an understanding and listening approach we aim to make it a simple and enjoyable experience where your wishes and choices are really heard.


Choosing the right care company is a very important decision. Our free consultation and assessment happens in your home and is the first step on the journey. Each assessment is carried out by an experienced care management professional who will listen to your needs and be able to offer advice if needed.

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Simply ring 01 554 9060 to make an appointment or use the Contact Us form and we will contact you.

The assessment will take about an hour during which you will be asked some questions relating to your health, your mobility and about any areas of managing at home that are a challenge for you. This helps us to understand how we can customize your care to meet and exceed your expectations. If your family is involved with your care, please feel free to invite them to attend the assessment, especially if this will give you a further level of comfort.

We may ask you:

  • Do you have any allergies?
  • Have you had any falls recently?
  • Would you like help with bathing or showering?
  • Would you like help getting dressed or undressed?
  • If you take medication, do you manage that yourself or would you like a reminder?
  • What kind of activities do you enjoy? Reading, watching TV, walking, playing cards, having friends in for tea? ( This can help us match you to the right carer)
  • Are there any household tasks that are challenging for you?

Your Care Plan

Once you are happy to begin our journey we will agree a starting date with you. We will do our best to match you with the most suitable carer or care team.

A member of the community management team will introduce the carer or care team to you in person.

We will issue you with a Home Care File which will contain a summary of our policies and mutual expectations and any other questions you may have can be dealt with at this time.

About Dublin Home Care | Home Care Services Dublin


Once you are happy to begin our journey we will agree with you a starting date. Often there is a settling in period while you get used to your new Health Care Worker and they get used to you so don’t worry if it feels a bit awkward at first. Usually quite quickly you will find that you look forward to your Health Care Worker coming. All Health Care Workers are trained and selected for their suitability and disposition. They are cheerful, pleasant people who love what they do.

We work very hard to make the right match between you and your carer, but sometimes a slight adjustment may be required. At any time, if you feel you would like to request a different carer, please feel free to contact our office and they will be happy to meet with you to address your concerns and choose a carer that is a better match for you.


One of our community management team is available out of hours for emergency purposes. This gives you and your family added peace of mind. The value of being on-call can only be measured by the security it offers you and your family.

Flexible Hours

You can start building your care plan with as little as 1 hour per visit. If that’s once per week or once a month, it’s your choice. No matter what the scale of the call, we will be there to offer whatever home care service is necessary.

Caregiver Matching

Matching the right carer(s) to you is a very important decision, and one that we put a lot of emphasis on. This service sets Dublin Home Care Partners apart from other home care providers. The benefits of carer matching are numerous and have a positive effect on you and the Health Care Workers.

Beyond the uniqueness of care matching, we also ensure that we introduce the care to you. This increases your comfort level with starting something new and decreases any anxiety over having a “stranger” come into your home.

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